iO|Cultivation Interviews

In the most recent addition of Cultivation Interviews we spoke to the insanely talented and dedicated iO, a producer hailing from South London who has seen incredible success in the last year. Continue reading “iO|Cultivation Interviews”

Should Non-Violent Offenders Go To Prison?

With the growing prison population, disillusionment with the justice system and arguments against the use of imprisonment, many activists and experts have been pondering the idea of ending imprisonment for non-violent offenders completely. In this article I shall briefly examine these arguments. Continue reading “Should Non-Violent Offenders Go To Prison?”

The Controversial History of ‘Miranda Rights’

The ‘Miranda Rights’ are the list of constitutionally protected rights that Police Officers must read to you before custodial interrogation can formally begin. If you have ever watched a police show on TV, or perhaps 21 Jump Street, you will certainly recognise these. But where how did they become a Law Enforcement requirement? Continue reading “The Controversial History of ‘Miranda Rights’”

Why Roy Moore’s loss is America’s win

After Senator Jeff Sessions was appointed as Attorney General by President Trump, one of Alabama’s two Senate seats was left unfilled. After a hard-battled race between polarising candidates, Democrat Doug Jones came out on top, but it was Republican candidate Roy Moore who gained all the media attention (not particularly for the right reasons). However, this election represented much more than a seat in Congress.

Continue reading “Why Roy Moore’s loss is America’s win”

Would Increased Gun Control Solve America’s Mass Shooting Dilemma?

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is the subject of much controversy. In 1791, the right to ‘keep and bear arms’ was added to the supreme laws of the USA, but this has been scrutinised in recent years. The central focus of the debate revolves around the question of whether stricter gun laws would reduce or end the poignant and continuous tragedies.  Continue reading “Would Increased Gun Control Solve America’s Mass Shooting Dilemma?”