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Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn are an exciting rap and production duo from Brighton. These two have been making some noise over the past few years and now seek to take their popularity to a new level. We caught up with them after the release of their latest single ‘cold man sound’.

The duo, who first started making music as 15 year olds together, have a unique and exclusive sound combining elements of hip-hop, dance and early garage sounds.

Frankie’s laid black yet playful deliveries and Harvey’s exciting, innovative production combine for some great tracks – such as their recently released ‘Cold Man Sound’. Using some of the Synths found on popular UK Rap tracks combined with a heavy bassline and garage-inspired vocal chops.

The Brighton natives also revealed to us that the legendary Streets frontman, Mike Skinner, recently got in touch with them to give some well-deserved praise. A co-sign from one of the UK’s most popular ever artists. Perhaps it’s fair to say that Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn’s tracks share some similarities to Mike Skinner’s beloved tracks of the past – early garage sounds and composed, even-tempered vocals talking about real-life issues unique to the UK.

Live shows are also a strong-point of FS & HG – they have just finished touring the UK with a number of sold out shows and have received praise for their energetic and dynamic live shows. Harvey recreates his powerful productions live on stage while Frankie delivers his mellow vocals in a more lively environment.

Frankie and Harvey have a promising future, the duo told us that they would love to work with Hak Baker, a folk singer-songwriter with immense vocals, and the legendary Grime and Rap artist Skepta. Ambitious collaborations like this with artists from across genres will only enhance FS & HG’s reputation and acclaim. We look forward to more releases in the future from these two.

The genre-bending production of Harvey and relatable lyrics of Frankie are already a hit among the pair’s growing fan base and this dynamic combination could also appeal to a much wider audience in the near future.

Read our interview with the duo below:

You’ve recently released ‘cold man sound’, what does this song mean to you, is there a message you are trying to get across?

Cold man sound for me is about the journey I’ve been going through to try and make music a full time career. It also talks about the situations/problems you might face along the way.

unnamed (2)
Frankie and Harvey


How has living/growing up in Brighton influenced your sound and your music?

Brighton has been a great place to grow up musically, there’s always been so much great stuff going on in and around this city, it’s a very inspiring place.

Your music is highly unique and creative – which artists are some of your biggest influences? 

From a rap perspective I’ve been influenced by many different people, from artists such as Roots Manuva to newer mcs like Santan Dave, I think it’s important to take inspiration from a variety of artists whether they’re old or new.

From seeing a few of your videos of your gigs they look amazing – what’s been your favourite place to play so far?

The tour has been so much fun, the best gig for me was London, hands down.

How did you both meet and start making music?

We met when we were about 14/15 through mutual friends, we instantly clicked as friends and have been making music ever since.

You have released 3 albums together since 2014, how has your sound progressed over the 3 albums?

I think our sound has progressed and also matured as the years have gone by, I feel as if it’s grown up with us, it sounds weird but we’ve been making music together since we were 15, I’m 23 now so a lot of the music comes from a different more mature place.

What would you both like to achieve in the next few years?

The main goal for me would be to make this a full time career, I hope that this is something we can achieve in the next few years

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

Mike Skinner got in contact with me a few weeks ago to let me know he was feeling our stuff, for me this was a huge turning point, this alongside some of the recent sold out shows have been my highlights.

There are a lot of genres incorporated in your music, what genres would you say have influenced your music outside of hip hop and rap?

Outside of hip hop I would say our main influences would be old school dance music and probably early garage sounds.

Who do you want to work with in the future?

There’s literally too many names to mention, Skepta would be cool! Another artist I’m fucking with at the moment is a singer called Hak Baker, would love to get in the studio with him.

What’s next for you both, more shows, new music?

Yes we’re currently planning our spring tour, and have a bunch of singles lined up, we’re really excited about that.

Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn have a special, unparalleled sound and we fully expect the duo to continue their upward growth in the next few years. Don’t just take our word for it – the pair are already immensely popular in their hometown and have a cult following across the country – they have also received co-signs from Jorja Smith, Loyle Carner and Mike Skinner.



By Greg Kennedy


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