Bakar’s ‘Badkid’ is A Multi-Genre Classic

London artist, Bakar, released his debut album today and has already received co-signs from some of the music industry’s most popular names – including Skepta and Rejjie Snow.

Bakar’s ‘Badkid’ album is seemingly heavily influenced by Indie and Rock – heavy guitar riffs are heard throughout and Bakar’s vocals heavily resemble popular Indie artists of the past.

The album breathes life into the Indie rock scene – a genre which has stagnated over the past few years – young artists and fans have generally been gravitating to other genres recently, yet Bakar is breaking the trend. Tracks like Big Dreams and BADlands have a hyper, upbeat feel to them – guaranteed to cause riots at raves.

In other tracks, Bakar explores a variety of genres while also adding his own intoxicating vocals – reminiscent of an Indie Rock adaptation of the legendary Mike Skinner. Bakar is somewhat unconventional and uses UKG, Rap and DnB inspired sounds and percussion in some of the tracks on the album – this melting pot of genres makes Bakar’s sound one that has never been heard before. A truly original, innovative sound and presence.

The Camden Town native brings a fresh new sound and style to the music scene – while the popular genre of young Britain right now is rap, Bakar is breaking new ground in a contemporary and cutting-edge way.

We heavily recommend listening to Bakar’s inventive, ingenious album – our personal favourites include: BADlands, Ctrl Alt Del and Big Dreams.

By Greg Kennedy  –  Twitter

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