EDEN: Alternate & Extraordinary

The 22 Irish singer-songwriter, Jonathon Ng, recently released his debut album ‘vertigo’.

EDEN has been known, prior to this album, as ‘The Eden Project’. During this stage of his career, his focus was on EDM and not the unique style we see from him now. After the change to EDEN, he created his first EP, ‘End Credits’, at the age of 19 in his bedroom; this focused on a more alternate indie style with some artistically placed quotes from films. This was then followed by ‘I Think You Think Too Much of Me’, a long-titled album featuring EDEN’s most well-known song ‘Drugs’.


EDEN is an artist who is, unfortunately, and undeservedly, unknown to the world. His songs contain lyrics of wisdom and heart mixed with some intense and relaxing instrumentals. For such a young artist, EDEN still has a long way to go. From starting his own record label and collaborating with artists, such as Gnash and ATO, there is much more to expect from Jon. His songs are wild and different from anything else which makes it difficult to recommend EDEN based on similar artists, there just aren’t any like him. With the release of his debut album, his style has once again changed as he has grown to terms with the reality of gaining fame and losing loved ones. This has created songs like ‘Crash’ and the underrated ‘Amnesia’.

EDEN is an exciting prospect who is moving into a new style of music which only a few have adopted. For someone with so much talent, for both his use of instruments and songwriting, EDEN is someone I can see going very far into the music world. And with his ‘futurebound’ tour for ‘vertigo’ just around the corner, he is worth checking out for his innovative style.

Eden-Bunbury-DD-003 (1)

By Archie Henry

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