Eugenius: A Musical Masterpiece

Eugenius is an 80’s themed musical which looks at the life of a geek and his dreams to produce a comic book called “Tough Man”. The musical plays on ideas of Hollywood in the 80’s and the classic tale of geek to hero.

Eugenius is not your average musical, yet it manages to be entertaining throughout the whole show. There was not a single moment where I felt uninterested, instead I felt at home throughout the whole performance.

Currently, the play is being performed in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Other Palace”, a relatively small theatre among the giants of the West End – in fact the capacity was only 432, many theatres in London’s West End tend to exceed a capacity of 2,000. Yet, this played to the advantage of the performance. I was immersed in a highly connected experience ; the stage manager discussed this aspect – suggesting that it gives a special intimacy between the actors and the audience. To this, I fully agree, Eugenius may not experience the same intimacy if the play continues to expand and moves on to larger theatres.

For every off-the-wall, wacky comedy focusing on the 80’s – there is a need for a well produced soundtrack – and this is delivered by Ben Adams, the man behind the play’s music. The soundtrack of the play, seemingly influenced by popular music of the past, gives for an overwhelming, nostalgic atmosphere of the 80’s. In addition there was an array of well timed references, these were even understandable to most millennials, making the play enjoyable to all ages.

All in all, with a multitude of popular actors and producers, including Warwick Davis, who produced this play but in the past has played roles in Star Wars and Harry Potter, Mark Hamill, famous for his role as ‘Luke Skywalker’ in Star Wars, playing ‘Kevin the Robot’. As well as extraordinary debut performances from Liam Forde, the fantastic Daniel Buckley (‘Feris’) and Ian Hughes (‘Evil Lord Hector’). This is a must see show of comedy, fun and a strong story of love, and something that I would personally give 5/5.

By Archie Henry

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