Lionel Messi to retire from International Football

Lionel Messi has announced that he will be retiring from international football after Argentina’s Copa America final defeat to Chile. This comes shortly after Argentina’s defeat to Germany in the 2014 World Cup.

In the defeat Lionel Messi missed a crucial penalty- allowing Chile to go on to win the game. Francisco Silva scored the winning penalty for Chile in New Jersey last night.

The 29 year old is reportedly thought to have retired because of the turmoil within the Argentinean FA. Other journalists believe that he has retired as a result of his failure to win any major awards with Argentina

Despite becoming Argentina’s record goalscorer during the tournament Lionel Messi stated that, “It’s not meant for me. For me the national team is over. I’ve done all I can, it hurts not to be a champion” and he also stated “It’s been four finals, I tried. It was the thing I wanted the most, but I couldn’t get it, so I think it’s over,” (BBC)

Many of his team-mates have commented on the situation. Sergio Romero, the goalkeeper, claimed that Messi ‘spoke in the heat of the moment’.

While Aguero, the Manchester City striker, said that the dressing room was “the worst I’ve ever been in”. Aguero also reportedly said that many other Argentinian internationals are also considering retirement. Mascherano has already retired and many others are expected to also

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