Kanye premieres his ‘famous’ video- and it is full of naked celebrities


Kanye West premiered his video for ‘famous’ this week, and it’s fair to say it’s a little odd. In the sneak peaks that have been released we can tell that the video includes a dozen celebrities all lying in a huge bed together- all naked.

The people on the bed are:

Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ray J, Amber Rose, George W Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, Taylor Swift(who’s name is thrown around in the song), Kim Kardashian, Anna Wintour and Kanye West

The video, which was shown in LA to a select audience, is meant to be a homage to Vincent Desiderio’s painting called ‘sleep’ in which it seems may people are lying in bed post-orgy.


Just to add to the weirdness, Kanye is actually lying in the bed with a bunch of wax models.

After the video premiered Kanye said to the audience, “I want to thank all y’all, my wife, and y’all supporting ideas and truth”(Billboard). At the end of the footage it thanks all the celebrities in the video for ‘being famous’

The video is only actually available on Tidal at the moment but many fans recorded footage of the song from the album ‘life of pablo’.

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